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Whip up a batch of authentic Mexican guacamole...yum!

16 Sep 2021

To honour National Guacamole Day, I decided to whip me up a batch and dig in…how else am I meant to celebrate?


There’s many variations of the good ol’ guac recipe, so I decided to find one that brings the true authenticity of the deliciously green dip into our homes- without having to put in loads of work.


Thankfully, a wonderfully creative associate from LA shared with me a true, authentic recipe from Oaxaca, Mexico…fancy huh? You won’t believe how simple this recipe is, and how much it’ll get your mouth watering!


Grab 4 avocados and slice them open. Scoop into a bowl, and drizzle in the juice of 1 lime. I was specifically instructed to NOT use lemons, so those of you who do…don’t. Smush (yes, that’s a technical word), the avocado with a fork until small lumps remain and the mixture isn’t too creamy-don’t leave huge lumps of avocado though, otherwise dipping will be unachievable!


Sprinkle over some salt (I like to pretend I’m salt bae. Don’t lie, you’re going to do it too.) to taste to elevate the flavours. I used Maldon salt as per instructions, but any salt will do if you aren’t up to scratch on your salt knowledge.


You can leave it there for a simplistically tasty dip, or add in chopped up coriander if your taste buds desire. For those of you wanting to spice things up a bit- literally- chop up 1/3 of a chilli to dash in there.


Et voila! Serve up with some homemade tortilla chips and you are all set.  Dive into that tangy, avocado goodness, and thank me later!

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