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How to cosy up your home this autumn

23 Sep 2021

The weather is getting colder, cheeks are getting rosier and homes are begging to get cosier. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can easily cosy up your interior this autumn!

String lights

Add some warmth to your home with a sprinkle of fairy lights, always guaranteed to bring a sense of cosiness like no other. Look for warm white light to ensure the white isn’t too bright! 


Faux fur

Nothing says cosy quite like a bundle of soft faux fur. Drape it across seating, or even invest in a rug, to create a truly inviting space in the colder months!

[House and garden]

Autumnal scents

No matter whether it’s through reed diffusers, wax melts or good ol’ candles, autumn can be epitomised within your home by a variety of scents. Pumpkin, vanilla or tobacco based scents are crowd favourites during cooler weather, but there’s a myriad of options out there for you to choose from! 


Soften up your home

Cosier homes are all about visualising the feeling of snuggling up after a day in the cold with hot chocolate in hand and fluffy socks on (I know you know what I mean). So soften up those hard furniture pieces with some blankets (or bringing back that faux fur) and cosy up your seating areas!


Layers layers layers

Layers don’t just apply to autumn fashion! Chuck on that extra bedding to cosy up your bedroom and get ready to wrap up warm in the upcoming colder months!


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