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How to give the best gift this Father's Day!

15 Jun 2022

Father’s Day is peeking around the corner, so it’s time for the annual choosing of Dad’s gift- yes, we know, they’re all hard to buy for. Every year is an attempt to outdo last year’s gift, or have your present shine above your siblings’… (you really need to win this year)! So how do you earn those extra brownie points?


Do you return the favour of their role as your personal chefs and cook them breakfast in bed? Surely nothing says ‘thank you for feeding me my whole life’ like a singular meal of burnt bacon and soggy toast… Yeah, maybe not.


Do you buy him that 5 in one, ultra-rare, 52 setting who-knows-what for his tool box? (Let’s face it, it’s basically just an overpriced screwdriver). Plus, you already bought him that hammer last year.


How about his favourite drink in a fancy bottle? Some wine glasses to match? That’s basically the male equivalent of gifting Mum a saucepan for Mother’s Day- isn’t that what adults like?


Long story short, Father’s Day shopping is near impossible and all you want to do is put a smile on your old man’s face. So how do you say thank you in the best way possible?


The answer is simple- all you need is a gift he can show off to friends, family, neighbours (Yes, we see you spying on our garden), a gift to share with those he loves, and a gift to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world. Have you guessed it yet? A barbecue of course! What better way to say thank you than asking him to cook you more food… at least he can try out the plain, simple spatula your sister got him (great gift sis)!


Check out our range of Fogo & Chama barbecues HERE and get those extra brownie points this Father’s Day!

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