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How To Host The Perfect Garden Party

18 Jul 2022
Now is the prime time to start prepping our gardens for Summer! With this heatwave, there is no better time for drinks and laughs in the garden, so let’s take a look at some pointers on how to host the perfect garden party! 
  1.  Seating

Image from @mynotsoperfect50s
Any gathering needs a comfy place to sit. Whether you’re dining or just having a chin-wag, no one wants to stand around for the whole night! A cosy space to rest your feet and enjoy the night is a must have. Check out our best selling Harmony Corner Sofa with Rising Table, as shown above, here! >>
  1. Accessories

Image from J. Corteen
You want your garden to look as inviting as possible…and comfy, too! Pile up the pillows and throw on the throw blankets to elevate your seating space’s comfort, and keep guests warm as the night grows a little chillier. It looks great, too! Check out some throw blankets from Dunelm here>>
  1. Lighting

Image from Y-Saville Barton
To really complete the atmosphere, we’re aiming for comforting and cosy. What better way to achieve that look than with lights? String warm white lights around the garden for a dimmer, wistful feel! Check out some garden lights from Lighting Legends here!>>
  1. BBQ station

Now you’ve got the scene set, it’s time for our favourite part…the food! What more fitting way to feed your garden party guests than a BBQ? Use our Fogo and Chama grills to get that characteristic barbecued taste, whilst using our side burner as a hob to cook up those dishes you wouldn’t usually chuck on the barbie. It’s like your very own open kitchen…and you get to eat the food, too! Check out our range of barbecues here>>
  1. Music

Okay, so we’re back on the atmosphere. Set the mood with some relaxing beats and dance the night away with loved ones. The perfect vibe for a garden party! Check out our Electric Patio Heater here>>, equipped with 16 multicoloured LED light for some mood lighting and a built in Bluetooth speaker. Perfect evening!
  1. Drinks station

To finish the final touches, set up a drinks station to thirst the quench of your guests. Whether it’s bottle of fizzy drinks, cocktail making station or a collection of hot beverages, it’s the perfect addition to your garden party to accommodate all your guests’ needs!
Congrats, you’re now a garden party host professional! Get your garden prepped now and get set for Summer. Shop our range whilst stock lasts, and don't forget to tag us in any photos!
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