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Ways to have some 'you' time now the kids are back in school

09 Sep 2021

Back to school is music to parents’ ears. Sort of like in the movies when a character finds some treasure and a golden glow appears with angelic music. But what to do with all this time and space you find yourself gifted with?

 Of course, we can’t forget about work but, for those small moments in the day, take a chance to treat yourself! Stuck for ideas? Take a look below!


Watch that new show!

You’ve seen that new crime show advertised, (or maybe a hot new movie), so sit back and indulge without worrying about little eyes watching too- and no screaming children!


Take a bath

Create one of those baths you see in the movies with the bubbles piling high, some candles lit and a glass of wine (or just have a normal bath). No matter how bubbly or luxurious, soaking by yourself in the peace and quiet is a sure way to have a little ‘you’ time.


Go shopping

No trying to keep the kids rounded up, no worrying the kids will run straight into someone, no having to pull the kids away from some shiny toy- take a stroll and treat yourself to a couple of bits! (Of course, you’re going to end up grabbing something for the little ones too…)


 Sit in the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden area outside, then sip on a cuppa whilst breathing in some fresh air. Bring a book, your work, some snacks and kick your feet up! (Maybe on a Club Rattan Sofa Set, on clearance now…)


Miss the kids!

We all know time to ourselves is precious…but not as precious as those little tykes! Enjoy your ‘you’ time but sometimes the chaos of the kiddos can be the most comforting!

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