We hope we have them all covered, but if not please call us or send us an email.

We are working hard to answer all your question from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. 

Email: info@clubrattan.co.uk


Q. What is the delivery time on a garden set?

A. We strive to get your order dispatched between 7-15 working days. You will be contacted by the delivery company regarding your delivery date.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. We operate exclusively online, so we do not have a showroom.

Q. Are the cushion covers machine washable?

A. Most covers have a zip, but it is very hard to take the covers off and put them back on without breaking the zip and keeping the cushion evenly filled. There are many YouTube tutorials available to show the best way to do this. Taking the covers off to wash is at your own risk. The covers are machine washable on the hand wash program. 

Q. Are the cushions waterproof?

A. No, the cushions are not waterproof but showerproof. When they do get wet, it is important to let them dry properly and not cover them up. The internal cover material will disintegrate when the cushions get wet. The life span of your cushions will reduce significantly if they are left outside, exposed to the elements. Because of this we recommend that you keep your cushions stored inside/in a dry place, even when using a rain cover for your furniture.

Q. I am missing a cushion. What should I do?

A. Please check underneath all of the sofa bases and stool bases, inside the framework. The cushions love to get stuck in there, and can be so easily missed. In the unlikely event that a cushion is missing, please contact customer service.

Q. What are the frames made off?

A. The frames are made of galvanised steel or aluminium depends. The frame is welded together and coated with a protective layer afterwards, so it won't rust. Often customers prefer a more expensive aluminium frame which will never rust, but the rattan is the more vulnerable part of the sofa. The combined quality of the galvanised steel frame and the thick rattan we use, will make our sets last just as long... so they are great value for money. Added bonus of the steel frame is, that it is heavier too, so less chance of your garden set being blown over your decking in the wind (which can damage the rattan).

Q. How do I protect my set from heat damage?

A. It is important that you keep your set protected from sources of reflected heat, extreme heat or naked flames. This can include reflected sunlight which can be focused onto the rattan by everyday objects like sunglasses/drinking glasses left on or near the set, or any reflective surfaces present in the garden such as mirrors, lights or metallic flower pots & urns. Please also be careful when using naked flames such as those from firepits.


Q. Why is the rattan under the glass table top sagging in the sun?

A. Due to the nature of the PE Rattan, the rattan weave may sag under direct sunlight but will return to its normal state upon cooling. To help reduce this occurrence we recommend using a parasol where possible, outside, exposed to the elements.

Q. What if my cushions have disintergrated over the years?

We respectfully remind you that the cushions must not be left out exposed to the rain, and during the autumn / winter months they need to be stored in a warm and dry environment. In the event that the cushions are left outside uncovered and get wet from rain or are left in a damp environment like an unheated garage, there is a risk that the cushion inners will have issues with disintegration. In the event this happens due to dampness the warranty would be invalid.

Q. Can you swap the short side of the corner sofa to be on the right?

A. Most of our garden sets are as in the pictures and the arm can't be moved to the other side. Some sets are modular though, like the Blossom and Willow, so we have added to the Features and Description that the configuration is flexible.

Q. What are the black clips for that came with my sofa set?

A. The black clips keep the sofa sections together and go underneath the sofa, where the 2 sections meet.

  Clips for the Sofa Sections  Clips for the small grey rattan sofa sections

Here is a link on the best way to attach the clips to your furniture: https://youtu.be/LcwEXgTigeQ

Q. What Warranty do you give?

A. We give a standard 12-months manufacturer's warranty on the frame of the galvanized frame furniture and a standard 36-months manufacturer's warranty on the frame of the aluminium furniture

Q. What if my goods arrive damaged?

A. In the unfortunate situation where you receive damaged goods, please email us your order number and an explanation of the issue alongside some images of the damage. We will always try our best to amend these types of issues, so please do not worry.

Q. What is your returns policy?

A. If you are not happy with your order, we will still be friends! You can return your order up to 30 days after it has been delivered to you. Please just message/email us requesting a return, alongside an explanation as to why you would like to return your product. Please be aware that a £95 return fee is applicable.

Q. What is your returns policy for covers?

A. In the unfortunate event that you are not happy with your covers or that you purchased the incorrect size, you can return your order up to 30 days after it has been delivered to you.
So far as possible, Goods should be returned:
• at your risk and cost
• securely wrapped
• including a note with you Name and Order Number
•with both Goods and Packaging as far as possible in their original condition
• we suggest, by recorded or signed delivery.

Q. Do you deliver to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands?

A. Please, check our Delivery Information to see the cost and delivery times. We do not currently delivery to Ireland or the Channel Islands.

Q. Why does my Postcode not get recognised at checkout?

A. There are 1000s of postcodes in the UK and occasionally some might be missing from our list. If you get a message at checkout that there is no delivery available for your postcode, please contact us and we will rectify the problem straight away.

Q. Can I track my delivery?

A. If you have ordered a rain cover, you will receive an email from DPD once the item has been dispatched. This email will allow you to track your order. For Furniture set we only use a book in Service by the carrier so they will contact you directly to arrange a delivery day to insure you are available. 

Q. Will the delivery driver help getting my new Garden Set into my garden?

A.  we provide a Kerbside/Delivery Pallet Delivery only, and the driver will leave the pallet with you.

Q. Can you dispose of my old furniture?

A. Unfortunately the answer is no. We will always arrange a collection of the damaged/ unwanted goods.

Q. Do you offer a Pay Monthly Scheme?

A. No, at this moment we do not offer credit.

Q. Where are your products made?

A. Our products are manufactured at few factories in Asian and are then shipped to us in containers. This means that there is, on average, a 6-week waiting time between manufacturing and stock arriving at our warehouse.