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Family Fun in the Sun

25 Jun 2021

After being inside for so long, it can be hard to decide on plans now we can finally venture outside once again! If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on the internet trying to find activities to entertain you and the family this summer, we have your back! We’ve found events for you to enjoy with your loved ones in the upcoming sunshine.

Hitchin Lavender hosts a gorgeous landscape for you to surround yourself with and indulge in a day of relaxation. They are a small, family run flower farm who invite you “to explore their rows of lavender, acres of sunflowers and wild flower meadow”.

You will be offered the chance to explore the fields and pick your own lavender, as well encouraged to capture the beauty – and your family fun- with some fabulous pictures! You can buy a range of Hitchin Lavender goodies, as well as learn about lavender planting and growing! Educational, fun, and it smells amazing too? Sign us up!

It is picnic friendly (pass the sausage rolls) with food also available for purchase at their new Field Kitchen, so hungry little bellies will not be a concern…although we can’t promise sticky ice cream fingers won’t be!

Pets are also welcome in the fields as well as on the surrounding footpaths, so your furry friends can enjoy a day out too.

Indulge in a world of family fun and relaxation this summer…go on, you deserve it!

Check out Hitchin Lavender for more, and book now!

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