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Fun with Family this Father's Day

16 Jun 2021

There are a variety of ways to celebrate Dad on his special day; handing over a perfectly wrapped gift (or perhaps an attempt at one) and a card with a scrawled name is of course the classic ‘thank you Dad”. However, quality time spent with family is something Dad will hold close to his heart, so we’ve put together our top 3 suggestions of how you can spend time with (also known as bug) him this Father’s Day.

 1.Take an online cooking class

 Grab your spoons, bowls, spices- some steps for the little one- and open up that laptop. Choose from a world of culinary classes to fit your fancy, and get to cooking! Educational for the kids, and fun for the family? AND you get to eat afterward? Sign us up! (Not for the cleaning up though…)

 2.Host a spa day

 Dad deserves a break from all that parenting, so what better way to bring relaxation to him than a homemade spa day? Set up a room in the house with a comfy area for him to put up his feet, and offer a variety of treatments for him to choose from. The kids can enjoy creating a treatment list- as well as signs for the spa room- and can help with massages, face masks and even a manicure! (Hot pink is totally your colour, Dad)

3.Backyard barbecue

 What better way to say thank you than food? Exactly! This past year has made dining out tricky, so bring the experience to your very own gardens, and cook up a storm to show your gratitude this Father’s Day. Chuck some burgers and kebabs on the grill, let the kids help out (of course keeping safe) and indulge in the culinary masterpieces you have created…just one more bite!

 Shop our range of Fogo and Chama barbecues- currently £200 off all models- and get sizzlin’ in the sun this Father's Day…don’t forget the sun cream! 

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