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5 Valentine's Day Bakes

08 Feb 2022
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, as lovers of love, we want to celebrate Cupid’s holiday any way we can. What better way to reach your loved one’s heart than through their stomach?
Check out these 5 adorable Valentine’s bakes to create this weekend just in time for the holiday of love! <3
Starting off with a deliciously easy creation, these adorable love bugs are sure to put smiles on faces. With no baking needed, all you have to do is dip your cookie of choice into red, melted chocolate and decorate with edible eyes. Snuggle up, dim the lights…and do let the love bugs bite ;)
A surprise sweet heart for your sweetheart, these hidden heart cupcakes are a perfect gift to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Get your baking hat on and give the gift of creative deliciousness this February!
Valentine’s is all about celebrating great pairings…so let’s talk about pairing sweet and savoury! A tasty bite of salty, chocolatey goodness, these pretzels are a super easy creation that look adorable adorning any Valentine’s Day spread (should I have said adorn-able?)
For those looking to win someone’s hearts by plating up a heart of your own, try this puff pastry recipe! Served up as a sweet bite after date night dinner, or as a sweet start for Valentine’s breakfast, it’s a great way to show off your baking skills…even if you don’t have many!
Like Wham! Says, this year give your heart to someone special (wrong holiday, I know). There certainly won’t be any tears with these peanut butter hearts, that’s for sure! Easy, delicious and adorable…sign us up!
Try out these bakes and let us know how your Valentine’s Day Celebrations go!
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