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5 Ways To Modernise Your Garden

01 Feb 2022
As lovers of outdoors, we believe our gardens should be nurtured just as much as the insides of our homes. Let’s take a look at a few ways to modernise your gardens, and give them a glow up this year!
  • Lighting

Image from @renovate_number_eight
A great way to add atmosphere into your garden- and create a living room outdoors- is to add some mood lighting. A popular choice is to add string lights; wrap them round a pergola or hang them along the edge of your fence for a cosy corner to cuddle up in! Be sure to get lights specifically for outdoors, to ensure they’re weather safe.
  • Seating

Image from Jo Corteen
The best way to bring your interior space outside is seating! By creating an area to sit and relax, you turn your garden into the perfect Alfresco living space! Perfect for basking in the sun and fresh air, or for socialising with friends and family.
 Perhaps you’re looking for some compact lounging for those smaller gardens, or maybe some generous dining for those bigger gatherings. Can’t decide? Why not try our Coffee to Dining Rising Table sets? Check out all our collections here!
  • Planters

Image from @extending_frenoes_farmhouse_
Okay, so you’re in a garden- you’d assume you wouldn’t need to add planters, right? Wrong! Greenery doesn’t just have to come from grass. Modernise your exterior space with some planters to add interest and a sleek design to your garden! Trust us, it works!
  • Grilling station

Gardens aren’t just for admiring! It’s a whole extra area of space in your home, so make the most of it! Along with your seating area (courtesy of Club rattan ;)), create a grilling station to cook up a storm for family and guests!
 Whether it’s flipping flippin’ awesome burgers, or twirling some pizza dough over your head (careful!) we’ve got you covered! Check out our range of Fogo and Chama barbecues here, or try out our newest Fogo addition- the Red hellion Pizza oven- here!
  • Pop of colour

Add a splash of modernity to your garden with a splash of colour! Whilst brightening up your space, it adds some fun and freshness to your outdoor space. Add a lick of paint to your fences or chuck some colourful cushions onto your furniture! Why not try out our blue parasols for some sun protection- and some playfulness, too!
Be sure to give these suggestions a go and tag us in your photos! We love to see how you all personalise your own gardens!
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