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Turning your home into a home-made movie theatre!

14 Feb 2022
Half term is upon us, and it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained for a week straight. We’ve got the perfect plan to wow your kids and make the most of family time! We’re teaching you how to create your very own cinema…in the comfort of your own home!
Follow these simple steps for a family night you won’t forget.

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  • Tickets
We aren’t doing this half-heartedly! To create the cinematic experience from start to finish, creating your own tickets are essential. Print off a template from online, or create your own from scratch (a great activity with the kids) and get ready to collect them upon your family’s arrival…to the living room door of course!
  • Film posters
Complete the atmosphere with printed off movie posters you’ll be ‘showing’. Line them up on the route to the cinema room, or put them up inside the actual room to really complete that movie theatre feel!
  • The screen, of course!
The main event…the screen! If you can get your hands on a projector, pick a place to hang up a screen- or use a white sheet or plain wall if you have one.
You may have a projector already, but there are also various places offering rentals for nights just like these! Alternatively, there are a multitude of smaller, portable projectors which are a great choice if you’re planning on making the home-made cinema a reoccurring event! Your kids certainly will vouch for that!
A TV screen will, of course, work fine too!
  • Trailers
Collate the trailers for each movie option and show them to your audience. It’s a great way to begin the cinematic experience…and helps the family make the final movie choice, too!
  • Snacks!
The most delicious part of the night…snacks! The most obvious choice is popcorn. Order movie theatre popcorn bags, or create your own at home. A great activity, if the cinema isn’t a surprise, is decorating your own bags with the kids!
You can also create a pick’n’mix station with your family’s favourite sweet choices, to shovel into your own bags…if they make it that far, that is! Finish up with a selection of drinks and display your snack choice on the side. Make it a help yourself situation, or dress someone up as the concession stand worker, and get the family fun started!
  • Lights, camera, action!
Tickets collected, screen ready, snacks stacked up…the fun can begin! Dim the lights, or turn them off completely for the full experience, and click play. Enjoy the night full of films, food and fun.
Et voila! Your home-made cinema is complete. A great, personal way to entertain the whole family and spend some time together which, we can assure you, will definitely become a family favourite!
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