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The Great British Garden Transformation

14 May 2019

Summer 2018 was great! The beautiful weather was unprecedented and we all started looking at our gardens differently:

"With weather like this, we can finally enjoy our garden" or "We can spend money on our garden and actually use it!" and "We can add value to our house by transforming our outdoor space."

We all started transforming our unused gardens into outdoor living rooms, suitable for relaxing, eating and entertaining.

And this trend isn't stopping! With the demand for our garden furniture higher than before, we are so excited to see more and more people joining the Club!

Sharing wonderful moments with friends and family: a family BBQ, a romantic candlelight dinner, cuddles on the sofa - a blanket - and staring at the stars. We don't need to go out anymore, we have it all in our own back garden.

Happy Summer everyone!

Harmony Corner Sofa with Dining Table in Grey with black and white rug and colourful scatter cushions

Thank you so much for the picture @a_littlebitofme_

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