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Taking care of your garden furniture!

10 Jan 2022
As we entered the new year and turned over a new leaf, the weather certainly hasn’t done the same! Still bringing rain and chill, Mother Nature isn’t exactly handing us an invitation to kick back and relax on our garden sofas.
There’s no harm in enjoying some fresh air and spending time outdoors, especially with our Electric Garden Heaters, but our garden sets need some extra TLC as the rain continues, so let’s look at some pointers on how to correctly care for those sofas of ours!
First and foremost, cover! We love a good ol’ brolly to keep the rain off of us during the winter time, so show your furniture some love and keep them wrapped up. By using a rain cover, you’re able to protect the rattan from damage and prevent rusting on the frame of your set. Take a look at our array of rain covers available here such as our Willow or Harmony covers!
We highly recommend storing your cushions inside a dry space, and not under your rain covers. For last minute protection against a quick shower, you may be alright, but keeping them indoors during downpour, or longer showers, will protect the casing and filling of the cushions.
 If you have little space in your home, or are looking for better storage, there are many storage boxes available online such as this one recommended by one of our lovely customers!
The rain covers can be placed straight on, although for some extra care we recommend wiping down your furniture before hand to keep it squeaky clean under wraps. If your sofa set comes with stools, you may need to lay them down on the sofa to then be covered up.
Any questions, feel free to contact us and ask and we will be more than happy to help! Take care of your sofas, stay safe, and enjoy the New Year!
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