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Selling out in Minutes and Pre-Orders

17 May 2020

We feel totally overwhelmed with the love for our products, but we are also physically overwhelmed. We are getting hundreds of emails, social media messages and calls a day and we are struggling to get back to everyone.

The demand for our products hugely outweighs the number of products that we are getting in stock and we are getting a lot of similar questions about this.

We always want to be as open as possible, so here are a few things to know when trying to order new stock coming in:

"There is not enough stock coming into our warehouse considering the demand and some popular sets sell out in less than a minute."

On each product page, we tell you what day stock is coming into our warehouse and what time they will be listed on the website. We also let you know how many sets are coming in. When some models go on sale, we may have 400 lovely people trying to order 30 sets at the same time, so they are literally sold in second. 

"Our website will let you add the product to your basket and enter your address and card details, until the payment for the last available set is completed. Your transaction will be stopped once there are none left and you will get a message that the set is Sold Out."

This is not an error, but it will make sure that if someone pulls out of the purchase, the set is for the next customer ready to pay.

ApplePay, PayPal and ShopPay are the fastest ways to complete your payment.

"You can sign up for a Back in Stock email."

Once the stock arrives in the warehouse, it gets scanned in and the website will be updated. Due to technical reasons, there is a 10 minute delay between the stock being updated on the website and the "Back in Stock" emails going out. If the product is hugely in demand, it can already be sold out before you receive the email. To be honest, we don't really know what to about that except for trying to get more stock in. Due to the Coronavirus, it is hard or impossible (social distancing) to hire more staff, so we are unfortunately limited to what we can deal with.

"Unfortunately we can't take pre-orders. We have 1000s of garden sets on order for the season, with sets coming in weekly. If you are missing out this week, there will be more next week."

Our systems are not setup to take pre-orders, as the current demand is unprecedented, so this is a new challenge for us. Morally, we also don't like taking your money and letting you wait for 8-10 weeks, by which time the Summer is almost over.

We hope that this helps answering most of your questions. If you have other questions, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Although our products are amazing, sometimes things do go wrong. We really want to help our customers with sorting out these issues as fast as possible, so hopefully this information will free up some time for our small team.

Happy Summer everyone and "Stay Safe"!

Team Club Rattan

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