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Scarily Simple Sweet Treats For Halloween

14 Oct 2021
It’s never too early to start preparing for Halloween…right? Okay, maybe there is. But with the spooky holiday fast approaching, accompanied by a week off school, we’ve got to get our heads wrapped round what we’re going to do to keep those little monsters entertained!
Take a look at these 3, scarily simple Halloween sweet treats for you to concoct and serve up to family and friends…fang-tastic ;)
Berries ‘n’ scream
Okay, so there’s no cream involved per se, but it sounded cool. To create these strawberry spooks, you’ll need:
  • Strawberries
  • White chocolate
  • Chocolate icing
You’re basically creating chocolate covered strawberries!  Melt the white chocolate, or use candy melts if you’re looking for a purer white, and generously coat the fruit. Let it drip, drizzle and pool when you place the strawberry on some parchment paper to create the tail of the ghost. Use the chocolate icing to draw on eyes and a mouth, et voilà! Spoooooky…
Crispy crawlies
 These are a great activity with the kids- and delicious too! Get yourselves:
  • Oreos (Brownie flavoured are good for that all-black spider look!)
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Edible eyes/smarties
  • Icing
Start by twisting the Oreos open without breaking them…the hard part! Break the pretzel sticks up into little ‘legs’ and stick them to the cream, replacing the top after. Using icing or melted chocolate, stick edible eyes or smarties on to form some eerie eyes and you’re done!
Photo courtesy of Delish
Fang-tastic cookies
These are perfect for those of you with a sweet (or pointed) tooth. Yes, that was a vampire joke. You’ll need:
  • Cookies (store-bought or homemade. Up to you)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Icing (Mix icing sugar and water together)
  • Red food colouring
  • Almonds
Start by breaking your cookie in half as evenly as you can. In a separate bowl, mix your red food colouring in with the icing to create the blood. Spread it on to the bottom half of the cookie, and place the marshmallows to look like a row of teeth. Add some more icing onto the top half of the cookie and top it off. Add some sliced almonds for fangs if you so wish, and your vampire-toothed treats are ready for you to sink your teeth into! 
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