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Pre Orders and Delivery Dates

12 Apr 2021

We always like to be open with our customers, so here is a little update regarding our incoming stock.

Although for different reasons compared to last Summer, getting your hands on a garden set still proves to be difficult.

This is not because garden furniture retailers don't want to buy more garden sets to sell, we just can't get them... On top, demand is still huge due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The main reason is a shortage in shipping containers (specifically for the UK) and because of this shortage, ships are moved on to other routes and shipping prices have gone up. 

What does this mean for your Club Rattan garden furniture?

So far we only managed to get half the containers we planned. As the incoming stock is limited, we mainly make our bestselling models. As soon as we are guaranteed more containers, we can increase the range and hopefully have all models in stock as planned.

Why can you only Pre Order some models?

If you place a Pre Order with Club Rattan, this means that your new garden furniture:

  • is already made
  • has been loaded onto a container
  • has left the factory
  • has been loaded onto a ship
  • moves full steam ahead on its way to the UK

This if different from many retailers who sell into stock that hasn't been made yet. With limited container output, there is a great possibility the quoted delivery time frame won't be met and you could see your order cancelled or delayed until the end of the Summer.

When can you expect delivery of your Pre Order?

We always quote the estimated delivery time frame on the Product Page, so make a note when placing your order. It takes around 6 weeks between the loading of the container in the factory to delivery to your garden.

Because your new garden set is already on its way, we know when it should arrive. There can be unforeseen circumstances though, like the Suez Canal incident which pushed back 50 of our containers already on the water. Luckily we gave ourselves some leeway, so we are still on schedule. We don't like letting you down!

Why not sign up for a Back in Stock Email?

Because we are fighting every day to get more containers, it is really hard to plan production. We already had to stop production twice, with no space to store more garden furniture.

All models that are marked as "Coming Soon", are in the production planning, but we don't have dates yet. As soon as they are loaded onto a ship, they will be made available to Pre Order and we will send out a "Back in Stock Email" to everyone who have signed up for this handy service.

Yes, we do have Stock!

Although it's not a lot at the moment, we do have some stock. If your garden set, barbecue or parasol is in stock, delivery is usually really quick. Please read our Delivery Information to learn more. If you are not sure, don't hesitate to contact us

Hopefully this information helps with your decision making.

Happy Summer!

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