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Look What's Back!

26 Apr 2022
You’ve all been asking for your favourite sets to be back…and we’ve been listening. We’ve got a bunch of lines coming back in stock, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

The past couple of years have been tough when dealing with shipping and containers, so we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for the crowd favourites to come back.

Okay, so we’ve got a couple more weeks until the shipments come in but we just couldn’t wait to let you guys know, so we’ve opened up the pre-orders for the sofa sets we’ve brought back!

Deliveries will be with those who have pre-ordered in Mid to End May (if all goes well with containers), allowing you all to create those perfect outdoor spaces to lounge about in this Spring! Check out what we’ve got here, and get your pre-order on ;-)

Our Willow is back, baby! With a Coffee to Dining Rising Table, this bad boy is modular in its configuration. You can put it together to face the left or right depending on your garden layout, and can remove the middle section to create a square sofa.
This is a great choice for those who love our Harmony Rising Set but want a modular version. Available in Grey or Brown Rattan, it’s just £1,396 in our Bank Holiday Deal!

The deal we’ve got on our Isobella is truly one you’re going to want to grab. We’ve knocked £400 off the price PLUS we’re giving you a FREE Rain Cover, worth £89. Yep, you’re welcome ;-)
The Wide Grey Rattan gives a super stylish finish, and the sofa set sits up to 9 people- perfect for garden parties this Spring! Just £1,196 now! Available in Grey and Brown for pre-order.

We’ve actually got our Santos in brown in stock, but it’s been a while since our grey model has been back. Well, guess what? It’s coming back! Our Santos offers the convenience of our Coffee to Dining Rising Table with a sofa and stools to seat up to 9 people.
This is a great choice for those who love our Harmony Rising Set! Also available in Brown for £1,599 now!

This set is positively adorable. We aren’t all looking for those bigger sofa sets, so this set is perfect for offering comfort and style whilst staying compact for those smaller gardens!
The chaise can be moved to the left or right and requires only two arms to be attached! It’s a great option for a smaller seating area in any garden. It’s available in Grey or Brown for pre-order now, and has been knocked down to just £899!
Take a browse of our Bank Holiday Deals here and create the perfect garden space with Club Rattan this Spring! Don’t be shy- share your photos of your garden with us to be featured on our social media! Happy shopping, all!
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