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Last Pre-Christmas Deliveries

15 Dec 2020

It is almost the most wonderful time of the year! Although for most of us it is not as wonderful as previous years: we'll have to make it as special as we can!

For your new garden set to arrive before Christmas, please make sure you place your order before Friday morning 9am on the 18th of December. The last orders will leave our warehouse at 10am, so we can still deliver in most parts of the country before Christmas Dinner. 

If you live a bit further away, just give us a call and we can tell you if your order can still make it to you, if sent out on Friday.

You can of course also place your order and request a delivery date in the new year. The first orders will be collected from our warehouse on Wednesday the 6th of January. 

Last orders Furniture Friday 18 December 2020 9am
First orders to leave the warehouse Wednesday 6 January 2021

🎄 We wish you a Wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic 2021! 🎄

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