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How to create a subtly spook-tastic space in your home

08 Oct 2021
Spooky season has arrived and it’s time to get our homes kitted out, but sometimes it can be hard to tie in Halloween décor with your usual style.
The scariest bit of those decorations is how tacky some of them can be! For those of us with a more subtle, simplistic style, those googly eyed bats and purple, shiny spiders might not exactly make the cut. So, let’s take a look at a few ways to introduce that spooky feel to your home with a slightly less tacky touch.
(disclaimer- if you like googley eyed spooks and shiny arachnids then rock it, it’s all about having fun! We just want to offer an alternative for those wanting a different look. All décor is personal…and all fang-tastic!) 
Black candelabra
Decorate with a black candelabra, and make your home look as though Morticia and Gomez were your interior designers. It’s a sure way to add some dark colours and act as a homage to those creepy haunted, mansions…whilst still looking stylish! Check out this modernised candelabra from Nordic nest:
Probably the most notorious of Halloween decorations, pumpkins can cosy up any home in the colder months. But you don’t just have to carve a wonky face into one and stick it outside on the last day of the month.
Pumpkin-shaped décor is a great way to introduce the autumnal décor into your home; pick neutral tones such as white if it flows better with your interior. Add a warm glow with this pumpkin tea-light holder, courtesy of Next.
Bloody candles
No, I’m not cursing out candles. I’m talking about candles that, when burnt, melt red, bloody wax down the neutral coloured exterior- genius! Try out a plain candlestick for a more subtle look, or heighten the frighten with these skull shaped candles from Etsy. Spooky!
Fright lights
Who doesn’t love string lights? We’ve all seen those orange pumpkin lights, which, whilst cute, might not suit everyone’s style! Try out some different Halloween themed lights to add a hint of spookiness to your home without being too garish…or should I say scare-ish? I had to. Try out these spider lights from lights4fun, which are super fine- and super fun!
Personalised décor
The best, and most fun, way to decorate your house this autumn is creating it yourself! Get some chalk pens (make sure they’re safe for the surface you want to draw on) and get creative! Cover windows with spooky doodles, and really make it your own. It’s a great activity to do on your own, or with the kids! Check out these chalk pens from Stationary Island, and get to scribblin’!
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