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How to accessorise with Pantone's Colour of the Year

24 Jan 2022
If you didn’t already hear, Pantone announced their 2022 Colour of the Year as Very Peri; a beautiful blue with violet-red undertones which is deemed to evoke calmness and inspire creativity.
We’ve looked at some Very peri-esque accessories to draw in Pantone’s 2022 choice into your homes…because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by calmness and creativity?
  1. Very Peri Henry Matisse Print Set
One of the best and easiest way to introduce colour into your home is through wall art! If you’re a fan of Matisse, or perhaps don’t have the interior design eye, this set (courtesy of illuzyoni on Etsy) makes it super easy to create a cohesive art collection in any room! Plus, you can get them all individually too.
  1. Dartington Cushion Small Amethyst Vase
Whether it’s a beautiful home for your favourite flowers, or simply added décor into your chosen space, this vase draws in that Very Peri in a more subdued way. The transparency of the glass adds subtlety to the colour for a complimentary pop to your interior, without being the centre of focus. Check it out on Staines & Brights!
  1. Purple Lava Lamp
Bringing back the 90s feel, this lava lamp really bumps up the calm vibes that Very Peri aims to provide. Adding some movement into any room, this Dunelm lava lamp is a great choice for a funky way to introduce Very Peri- and super cool lava effect- into your space!
  1. Very Peri Square Pillow with Cover
Etsy is a great way to find home accessories in up-and-coming styles and colours- and you’re supporting homemade businesses, too! Perfect for any sofa, seat, or cosy corner, this cushion can add that pop of colour you’re looking for whilst being interchangeable (so you can keep up with the times). Bonus point…they’re comfy too!
  1. Herringbone Merino Throw
What makes you feel calmer than being wrapped up in a cosy blanket? What about this blanket from Johnstons of Elgin? Throw it (hence the name) over a sofa, or perhaps bed, and elevate the space with that little hint of colour. Perfect for cosying up whenever you wish!
There’s a multitude of Very Peri accessories out there to bring that sense of calm and creativity into your home. Do you think it will be a staple in your home design this year? Channel that creativity, and get to decorating!
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