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Have family friendly fun this half term!

21 Oct 2021
Half term has arrived, and the excitement and energy of the kids needs to be filtered into various activities so as to make sure parents all over aren’t going crazy…fun, right? Okay, it’s great to spend time with the kids, so here’s a few ideas of family friendly activities you can try out this October half term!
Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum
Enjoy the fresh air and autumnal spirit with the Natural History Museum Ice Rink! Located outside the Waterhouse Building, this outdoor ice rink is the perfect activity for kids to get their energy out and enjoy the thrill of skating. Whether you’re doing triple spins or you’re clinging onto a plastic penguin, the Natural History Museum welcomes everyone. Check it out here.
Peter Pan Afternoon Tea
If your kids are fans of fairy tales and little biscuits and sandwiches, then this is perfect for you! The shard is hosting a Peter Pan inspired afternoon tea for children (and adults too!), with drinks and snacks honouring the author of the famous story. View the city from great heights and enjoy Never Growing Up in Neverland. View the magic here!
Pumpkin picking
Perhaps more on theme for the month of October, pumpkin picking is a time-old activity to get the kids excited for Halloween. There are plenty of places to try out, so research the best pumpkin patches near you, and get to picking! Check out this great blog from Country Living detailing the top 14 pumpkin patches in the UK here!
Harry Potter Studios
Some could say linking to the Halloween season, the world of wizardry is a truly magical place to take the kids this half term. Tour through their breath-taking sets and learn about filming, costumes, effects and more. Educational AND fun? Get me signed up! See more here.
DIY it up
Outings can be expensive, often tiring and in this current climate isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of ways to entertain the kids in the comfort of your own home! Check out our Halloween recipe ideas blog here. Pumpkin carving can be dangerous and tricky for the little ones, so try activities such as painting instead! Grab yourselves a couple of ceramic skulls, or Halloween characters, and set up a painting station!
Remember, stay safe and most importantly have fun!
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