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Father's Day Checklist

10 Jun 2021

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so it’s time to complete the annual review of what we need to make our good ol’ dads feel appreciated. Let’s all agree that whether the fatherly figure in our lives has distinctly, specific taste or a broad range of wants and needs it can be tough to decide what present we want to wrap up and hand over.


First up, a card; a folded-up sentiment with dad jokes so cheesy even he cringes … and that’s saying something! This is closely followed by the obligatory breakfast cooked by the kids. Yes, we’ve all been there; what better way to thank our fathers than presenting some burnt toast and a less-than-generous helping of butter on a plate in the morning. A true actor’s performance (yes, I know I can’t cook dad).


On to the gifts. Do you choose the classic gifts: old man slippers and a ‘kiss the chef’ apron? (Gross, mum). Nothing says thank you quite like a screwdriver or empty tool box … right?


Or maybe you’re a modern gift giver, encouraging dad to get down with the kids with his new e-voucher. Yes, we know you just forgot to get something, and no he doesn’t know how to use it.


Ultimately, no matter whether his child is 2 months old or 70 years old, no matter whether the breakfast they make is edible or not, no matter whether their gifts are technological or dad classics, one thing can be enjoyed by all on this day and that’s a barbecue! A time to come together, eat, drink and laugh to celebrate all they have done for us (and it gives us a break from cooking for once!)


To all the fatherly figures out there-you rock! Let us show you with a juicy burger (and a cold drink for the chef)!

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