Create the cosiest garden this autumn/winter

I’ve seen the word ‘hygge’ thrown around a lot recently when talking about upcoming trends this winter. The Danish word, pronounced hue-ga (according to Google), does not directly translate to English but instead refers to the feeling you experience when you’re snuggled up in a comfortable place with the people you love. So, all things cosy are linked to this idea of hygge- which can apply to interior and exterior design too!


Speaking of cosy…winter is a-coming! As the summer nights slowly slip away just like that one number from Grease, the cold weather rolls around and spending time outdoors disappears along with them. But why should they?


Here at Club Rattan, we are garden lovers and don’t want to ignore our exterior spaces even as the weather starts to cool. So, let’s look at some ways to cosy up that garden of yours and truly epitomise that hygge style.



When I think of cosy, I think of snug little spots to curl up in. When cosying up your garden, create small spaces to focus on; whilst lowering the work amount for yourself, it also creates a closed off area to snuggle up in and enjoy the fresh air.

Perhaps move your furniture around to create a ‘u’ shape, to close off a seating spot to really enhance the intimacy and peacefulness.



Who doesn’t like some mood lighting? If you said ‘me’-why not shed some light on the idea? …get it?

Anyway, creating that calming warmth to emphasise the cosiness can easily be done with some string lights (outdoor safe of course) or candles. Go for warm white for warmer, dimmer lighting- hygge!



Of course, as the weather grows colder, we need to keep warmer! Introduce a source of heat into your garden to keep you (and maybe some marshmallows) toasty. Fire pits, chimineas or heaters can provide both of these services- keep your eyes peeled for the future… ;)



It goes without saying that as we enter further into the autumnal and wintery seasons, shelter when outside is definitely useful. Parasols and umbrellas outdoors can act as great coverage for seating areas, as well as pergolas and draped waterproof materials. Place them over a seating area to further the cosiness!



Last, but by certainly no means least, comfort! When you think of cosy you think fluffy socks, baggy jumpers, thick blankets- so layer up your outdoor space! Chuck on some throw blankets and pillows (when it’s dry of course) and wrap it up in the fresh air.


Et voilà! Or should I say, og der går du! (That was supposedly Danish…Google Translate don’t embarrass me). Get inspired, cosy up your garden this autumn/winter, and truly experience hygge.

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