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10 Apr 2020

Here at Club Rattan, we already knew that having a comfortable garden set makes your garden a great place to be. Now that we all have to stay home due to the Coronavirus, many gardens around the country are finally getting that well deserved love and attention.

This means though, that all our garden sets have been selling much faster than we anticipated and that we are now almost totally sold out.

We would have loved to have more stock, but our factory was closed for 7 weeks due to Chinese New Year and the COVID-19 lockdown. Subsequently, we asked the factory to stop producing when lockdown started in the UK, as we didn't know if the government would allow us to keep our deliveries going. Luckily, our deliveries are still quick as always.

Our factory is now making as much as they can, but it will take some time for the new stock to arrive. To help, we can now email you when your favourite garden set is back in stock. Just look for the "Email me when Back in Stock" button, on the product page.

We will also try to give as accurate as possible ** Back in Stock ** information per product. You can find this above the Product Features on the Product Page and we will constantly update this.

At Club Rattan we are always open and honest with our customers. We believe in great products and great customer service, so we hope you will have the patience to wait until our new stock has arrived.

On behalf of the whole Club Rattan team: Stay Home, Stay Safe and Safe Lives!

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