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DIY festive fun!

18 Nov 2021
It’s November, and you know what that means…Christmas celebrations begin! Okay, so maybe you aren’t one for early festivities but, whenever you plan on beginning the decorative process, picking your decorations for the year can be tricky. Maybe you aren’t feeling those old baubles shoved in the back of your loft, or perhaps the price of that garland your other half likes equals that of your TV…
Whatever situation you’re in, it can be nice to refresh your decorations and not break the bank whilst doing so. Take a look at these 5 DIY Christmas décor ideas you can try out this Crimbo!
Coffee filter garland
 For a homely garland to cosy up your space this Christmas, try out this homemade coffee filter garland! Cheap, easy and positively adorable- what more could you want? Check out
Miki Duisterhof
Black paper tablecloth
Now this idea allows you to get super creative. Ditch your usual tablecloth and line the table with black butcher’s paper. Using a white chalk pen- gold and silver could look festive too- draw whatever your heart desires. Add names to indicate allocated seats, and add some Christmassy doodles to spice it up. Complete with your chosen table decorations et voila! Festive and fun!
Mike Garten
Cinnamon stick candles
Apart from the big guy himself, what is more Christmassy than cinnamon? Cosy and delicious in smell and taste. Yum! Grab yourself a candle and secure cinnamon sticks around the jar with an elastic band. Hide the band with a few rounds of twine and you’ve got yummy, very festive candles on your hands! The best part is, they’re easily removable for use during the rest of the year!
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Pinecone wreath
This DIY is great to do with the family, or just by yourself! Purchase a bag of pine cones or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go on a hunt and collect your own. Arrange and hot glue around a wreath form however you wish, and hang up with string! Super cosy and super easy. Cone you think of anything better?
Mike Garten
Chalk paint ornaments
Bringing back the chalk pens from the tablecloth, they’re a great way to personalise any ornament. Grab a range of colours for a festive pop, or go for white on black for a classic look. Paint your ornaments, wait to dry, and doodle away! Great for those artsy individuals, or for families looking for some festive fun!
Mike Garten
Happy DIYing!
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