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Club Rattan's Thank You GiveAway 2020

23 Sep 2020

Our Thank You GiveAway

The Thank You Giveaway had a huge amount of entries and we received a lot of love on social media ;-)

Unfortunately, there can only be two winners and this time Mrs Butler-Hewitt from Maidstone and Mrs Jones from Barry were the very lucky winners! Congratulations!

Mrs Butler-Hewitt can now enjoy sitting in the garden, as her garden is her sanctuary. Mrs Jones had already purchased a beautiful set and was given a full refund and she was over the moon!

Again, a big thank you for all the support we received over the last 6 months.

It has been a tough time, but the lovely messages, pictures, tags and reviews have brought a big smile to our faces.

We have the best customers a company can wish for!

Although the Summer starts to fade into Autumn, that cup of tea in the September afternoon sun is still lovely. Keep enjoying your garden!

Please stay safe!

Team Club Rattan

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