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5 Simple Recipes To Cook With The Kids

23 Feb 2022
Getting kids to eat dinner can be tricky...and tiring! We’ve collected 5 super easy recipes courtesy of BBC good food to cook up with the kids, to keep them entertained and teach them the fun of food!
  1. Homemade pizza

Pizza is a great way to introduce cooking with the kids- fun to decorate and personalise to your own taste, it’s easy, quick and super delicious! Check out the recipe here>> and enjoy getting messy with the family!
A perfect addition to your Italian family night is our newest Fogo and Chama product- the Red Hellion Pizza Oven! Create your doughy masterpieces and chuck them in the Pizza Oven for a tasty treat. Check out the pizza oven here!>>
  1. Fajitas

An easy way to make dinnertime fun for the kids…fajitas! Older kids can get involved in the preparation of the ingredients, with the youngest getting hands on with constructing the final product. They’re a great way to teach the kids about different food groups…in a yummy way, of course ;) Read the recipe here.>>
  1. Pork and Apple skewers

Tasty, quick and simple, these skewers are a great recipe to introduce your children to the fun of cooking as a family. They’re also a great choice for cooking on the BBQ. Check out our range of Fogo and Chama barbecues here>> to get set for Spring! Find the recipe for these delicious skewers here.>>
  1. Cheese and ham pancake roll-ups

These are a little different to your usual dinner options, but will certainly be a family favourite! Easy to make and fun with the kids, this recipe is a sure-fire way to create fun family memories…oh, and saying ‘pancakes for dinner’ will definitely grab their attention! Take a look at the recipe here.>>
  1. Simple stir-fry

This simple stir-fry is a great way for those little aspiring chefs to get their cook on! Putting a fun, positive spin on healthy food, this recipe is a great option for an educational and tasty lesson! Read the recipe here.>>
Try out these recipes, and enjoy that well deserved family fun time…and maybe a glass of vino ;)
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