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5 Easy Easter Bakes To Make

05 Apr 2022

Easter holidays are upon us, as is the time to decide how to keep the kids entertained. I find the easiest and most successful way is baking! Help the kids to learn, spend quality time together and, most importantly, indulge in some delicious treats!


Take a look at these 5 deliciously easy Easter bakes, courtesy of BBC Good Food, to get stuck into with the family…or yourself if you’re looking for some holiday treats! No judgement here ;-)


  1. Easter nests

    Perfect for those with very young kiddos, this Easter classic bake is a great choice to whip up whenever you want for a sweet treat! Simple, tasty and fun? Sign us up! Go to the recipe here >>
  2. Easter Egg Cheesecake

    Something a little different than the classic cornflake nests or biscuits; an easter egg cheesecake is both delicious and easy, and is perfect for sharing out to friends and family! Go to the recipe >>
  3. Rocky road

    These classic treats with an Easter twist are a perfect activity to indulge in with the family. With no baking required, gather leftover chocolate and mini eggs (if you have any leftovers…) and create these little squares of chocolatey, marshmallow-y goodness. I’ll take two, please! Go to the recipe >>

  4. Pancakes

    Begin your morning with a fun filled breakfast, and cook up these adorable bunny pancakes! They’ll get the whole family in the easter mood, will encourage your kids to eat their breakfast, and best of all -they’re a healthy option, too! Go to the recipe >>
  1. Easter biscuits

    These Easter Biscuits allow for your creativity to really flow! With a simple recipe perfect for making with children, these egg-cellent treats can be decorated in multiple ways, so you can really personalise their look! Go to the recipe >>


Get stuck in, get messy and enjoy the creations you come up with! If you recreate any then be sure to share and tag us, as we’d love to see your baking skills! Happy Easter Holidays, everyone!

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